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Sometimes, all you need is a short-term loan, and your financial difficulties are over. This option seems only to be open to people with excellent credit, but there are lenders who will offer loans to people with bad credit.

You might wonder how a lender can approve a personal loan for a customer with bad credit, but it does happen. Rather than consult the credit bureaus to find out how good or bad your credit scores are, these lenders will determine your creditworthiness based on your monthly income.

Another thing you might be worried about is the fact that some lenders take advantage of people with bad credit. Again, this is not the case for all lenders. Some lenders will not try to offer you a loan that has hidden fees and a high interest rate. These lenders truly want to help you, so they do not hide anything within the fine print.

Short-Term Loans

How to Apply

When you apply online for short-term loans, you must demonstrate that you can repay the loan in full in approximately two weeks. It is a fast option for the times when you need money quickly and do not have time to obtain a traditional loan from a bank. Your lender will approve you for a short-term loan after making sure that you are earning a monthly income.

After your credit check is done, your lender will set your interest rate. If the lender finds that your credit score is low, your lender may assign you a high interest rate. A high interest rate will cause your short-term loan to be more expensive, but the interest you will pay will be less than the bank would charge you if you were to bounce a check. It may also be less than the late fee that you would be charged if you pay your bills late.

Short-Term Loan

Repaying the Loan

Your lender will let you know the date that you must repay the loan in full. This will mean that you will have to pay the principle amount and the interest. You will be required to have a valid checking account for this purpose. Before the due date, you will deposit the money that you borrowed. When the due date comes, your lender will withdraw the amount.

The short-term loan could be the answer that you are looking for if you cannot apply for a credit card. The option of applying for a line of credit may be closed to you as well because you don’t have a house to offer as collateral. These short-term loans do not require that you offer property as collateral. The monthly payments that you agree to make will be all that the lender asks of you.

If you find that you can repay the loan before your due date, you are free to do so without having to pay a penalty.

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