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Quick Payday Loans Can Solve Short Term Cash Flow Problems

If you start struggling financially, you can be seduced by false advertising more easily.

When you read some slogan online, it may seem like the right answer to your problems. 

However, this just leads you into a trap, and it can make you feel like there is no way out. Luckily a way out, with the right helper of course, always exists. 

We’ll tell you below how to use quick payday loans from a certified professional support team. They can help you get the information you need and can offer you specific advice for your situation. Find out more about quick payday loans today!

Quick Payday loans are designed to fix temporary cash needs. Let’s consider a simple analogy: if you have to travel far: from Washington to Canada, you will not take a taxi; however, it is common to take a taxi to travel a short distance, for example from your house to the nearest shopping mall or from the bar to your home. 

Similarly, you wouldn’t choose a quick payday loan over financial credit for a large purchase or mortgage of the house. 

However, you might use payday loans to cover a temporary lack of money. Based on our simple taxi example, it is easy to understand that quick payday loans are short-term loans which are provided until your next payday. This can be between 7 and 27 days, depending on when you apply and when you are paid.

Anyone can suddenly find that they have additional expenses. A quick payday loan is a convenient alternative to borrowing from the bank, your family, or your friends, or withdrawing checks. Borrowers can also use payday loans to avoid penalties for making late payments. It is easier to pay off a quick payday loan than deal with a bad credit rating for years. 

In an ideal world, people save money and set aside a certain amount from each paycheck (10% percent is ideal according to specialists) to prepare for extra spending or unexpected expenses. Realistically, many people need quick short-term financial assistance. 

Quick payday loans are less expensive than overdraft fees charged by a bank, and, when used responsibly, payday loans provide a net benefit to many people.

How Can I Be Qualified for Quick Payday Loans?

Getting a loan from us is easy. All you need is a transactional account, a working phone number, and a valid source of income. There are no lengthy credit rating checks; your loan is approved and processed in minutes. The service is fast and friendly, and you can always get some cash.

Quick Payday Loan from the Online Lenders or Credit Card.

Some people think that if payday loans are so simple, they should just take them from their bank. This is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make.

A cash advance (or payday loan) from the bank is when you go to an ATM to withdraw cash from your credit card. Sometimes people think that just because it is an ATM, it is as the same as doing it with a debit card. This is not the case.

Credit cards have relatively high interest rates compared to other types of loans, even in standard transactions. Cash advances usually make those interest rates look tiny. Although if you have excellent credit, your cash advance annual percentage rate (APR) is likely to be about 30%. If your credit rating is bad, it is even worse.

So, you are borrowing money at a very high-interest rate. This means that the debt grows (due to interest) constantly. If someone constantly takes loans like that, they will soon run out of money.

We can say with confidence that a cash advance from the bank will cost you much more than getting a quick payday loan from online lenders.

Last but not least, if you need to delay payment to online lenders, you can still negotiate, however, if you took money from your credit card and did not get it back, you are in trouble. Banks will raise the interest rate, and can lower your credit rating.

But What if You Do Not Have a Credit Card?

Borrowers with no credit cards and a bad credit score can still apply for payday loans online.

Our service is ready to help any adult US citizen. Borrowers do not need to submit documents or certificates to confirm their ability to repay the loan. To get a loan, you need a valid id, phone number, and email address. 

If you meet the above requirements, you can apply for a loan even with a bad credit history. We are ready to work with the unemployed as well as with students, pensioners, small business owners, and women who are on maternity leave.

A person can take out a loan with no credit history – this means that one has not yet been issued a credit card. Banks do not want to take risks, so they often refuse to lend to such borrowers. 

With our service, borrowers can quickly receive a loan that has favorable terms, which is the first step towards acquiring a good credit history. Our borrowers can improve their credit history by using quick payday loans.

When a person first takes out a loan from a banking institution or microfinance organization, they work out the approximate date of its return. Few borrowers can predict if the date of repayment will be a public holiday, or if their smartphone will work then, or even if their salary will be delayed. As a result, they cannot pay off the loan to the bank. 

If such a situation happens to a loan taken from a bank, a borrower will get into trouble. With our online payday loan service, repeated delays of several days do not have any impact on the borrower (in most cases).

If you have delayed payment for 2-3 months or more, then the next time you contact a payday loan organization or bank, you will face difficulties. For example, such borrowers may only be given loans for a small amount at high-interest rates.

Credit history is affected as follows: 

  • A delay of up to 7 days – practically does not affect the borrower’s rating;
  • A delay of 10-30 days – damages their credit history;
  • A delay of 1-3 months – the borrower is evading payment of the loan, which will cause severe damage to their credit history;

Few financial institutions are willing to lend money to pay off a previous loan. If you want to take out a loan and you have a bad credit history, it makes no sense to waste your time contacting banks. We are ready to provide financial support so that you can quickly solve financial problems.

Regular processing and timely repayment of loans will allow you to recover from previous mistakes and improve your ratings.

If you want to improve your credit history, then you need to get and repay loans promptly and regularly. You can take out your first loan for a hundred dollars, return it on time and then take out a more significant amount with better conditions.

Quick Payday Loans Consolidation. Can You Consolidate Payday Loans?

Sometimes, but not always.

If you have already failed to pay your loan off on time, it is likely that you will not be allowed to have your debt consolidated through a debt management program. 

Some online payday loan providers allow their loans to be consolidated; others do not. If you applied for such a loan online, give the name of your creditor to our support team, and they will be able to tell you whether or not your quick payday loans can be consolidated.

Most payday lenders who work “in the real world” (i.e., not online) do not allow you to consolidate your debt. So, if you went to a payday loan bureau and took out money, then you may not be able to consolidate those debts. 

Online payday loan services are much more flexible. Moreover, our team of lawyers already knows all about the conditions offered by each and every lender, which helps you match with one of them. 

With our help, you may be able to consolidate some of your payday loans, along with any overdue credit card and medical bills, which would reduce the amount of money you need to pay them off. This will then let you have more money to pay off loans, which can’t be consolidated.

It is essential to explain your situation to our team. It is a free way to work out how to get rid of your debt.

The Advantages of Using Our Service

Our borrowers can get a loan even with no credit history or a bad one. We provide favorable conditions that allow you to solve your financial difficulties quickly, cover your previous debts, and improve the terms of subsequent loans.

We lend money for 7-30 days, so the total interest is small. If you need to borrow money for longer, we suggest asking our team about payment conditions for installment loans.

Our quick payday loan service has a number of other advantages:

  • Speed. Applications from new borrowers are reviewed within 20 minutes. The service operates more quickly for regular customers.
  • You cannot fail to receive a loan. Applications are considered automatically, and decisions do not depend on how our employees feel. On average, 96% of applications receive a positive response.
  • We are available 24/7. You don’t need to wait for the office to be opened or for its break to end. We allow you to complete the application at any time.
  • Openness. Our service does not have any hidden interest rates or payments. You can calculate the total interest using a credit calculator.
  • The legality of the service. Our company’s activities, including financial transactions, are regulated by US law.
  • A secure connection protects your data using SSL certificates. Any actions on the service are protected by sophisticated encryption. We do not share customer information with third parties, so no one will know that you have contacted us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Payday Lenders?

Payday lenders lend money for a certain fee after you sign an agreement with them. The lender promises that they will deposit the requested amount on your bank account, with pre-agreed conditions for repayment on the desired day.

How Much Quick Payday Loans Charge?

It depends on the APR (annual percentage rate) in your state, as well as the number of days you agreed to take the loan out for. Usually, the interest rate is not higher than 0.8% per day.

How Much Money Can I Borrow the First Time I Take out a Loan?

This depends on your application. Usually, our customers borrow around $250 the first time they take out a loan. When you agree to a contract with a lender, it will state how much you borrow and how much you have to pay back.

How Many Quick Payday Loans Can I Have at the Same Time?

You can only have one payday loan at a time. That loan must be fully paid before you can take out another loan.

How Will a Payday Lender Know If I Already Have a Loan or Not?

When the lender issues the payday loan, they have to put your information in a database used only by other payday lenders and the state agency that oversees them. The payday lender must tell you that they are putting your information in the database and that you cannot get another loan until it is fully repaid. 

If you still owe on a payday loan and go to another lender, that lender will check the database and, by law, can deny your application.