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Do you need an instant payday loan? We can help you obtain the best loan for your needs in just a few hours. Do you need money to pay for your bills, groceries, or maybe something unexpected? Apply now! 

We provide instant payday loans for anyone who needs them. Moreover, we do not even ask you why you are applying for one when you apply for an instant loan!

We are here to help you, and we can do everything online for you.

  • Apply in less than 2.5 minutes, just by completing the application form
  • No credit check or faxing of documents
  • Your use of this site is highly confidential. We do not sell your private information
  • Lenders are carefully chosen to match your needs and conditions
  • A direct deposit can be provided on the day on which the application is approved
  • Our loan applications are always safe

We will find the best interest rate for you by using our network of trustworthy lenders. We support you on the entire way, which helps to speed up the process of application!

When you apply for an instant payday loan using our service, the data on the application is stored using the best encryption with the most up-to-date security measures. 

Our IT team regularly updates security so that the data remains safe and untouched by others. That is why we use the latest SSL security level (128-bit and 256-bit). None of our workers can have your personal information on a USB or disk, and they cannot take it with them if they are fired, which makes us far safer than any other instant payday loan shop.

The Market of Instant Payday Loans

If you think instant payday loans are something for the lower class in the US, you are wrong. Payday loans are popular in the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Moreover, these countries occupy the top places in the ranking of the number of people who apply for instant payday loans every day. 

These five countries have great economies, which are constantly developing. In other words, the idea that instant payday loans are used only by the lower class in the US is a lie created by other financial institutions. More than 12 million American citizens are using instant payday loans every year.

Over 80% of Americans are in debt. The famous saying of Shakespeare, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” has been forgotten. Today it is a common practice: borrowers borrow money, lenders lend.

The world has changed. It is no longer the case that you keep money on hand and ask your family for help. Financial institutions have become widespread: nowadays, we go to a bank if we need money, or apply for instant payday loans.

Banks became a place to go to for anyone, not only the upper class; the same goes for instant payday loans. When someone needs cash in a hurry, they apply for instant payday loans.

In 2017 there were more than 14000 stores for instant payday loans. This is more stores than McDonald’s or Starbucks have in the U.S.A. 

If you drive through a city, the chance that you will see a payday loan store is higher than that of seeing a McCafe. Now, if we add the number of online instant payday loan services, the total triples. Since 1990, the internet has made the service more convenient to use, making the sector grow. 

Top Myths about Instant Payday loans

Huge interest rates, illegal online lending, threats, and reprisals– these are myths about instant payday loans that can sometimes be seen on forums and social networks. Before applying for an instant payday loan, you need to understand the truth.

Payday Loans Are Used Only by Poor, Lower Class Families and Citizens

Getting a loan from an instant payday loan organization is easy. An adult citizen of the US will need an ID card, credit or debit card, phone number, and email. 

Our service checks borrowers but treats them with respect. People with a bad credit history, without a proper job and a stable income, have a chance to get money too. We provide instants payday loans to students, pensioners, and women on maternity leave.

If you look at the statistics, clients of payday loans services are often:

  • people aged 21-45 years
  • people who are at or have finished university
  • people with an average income

The usual reason why these people cannot apply for a loan from a bank is that they cannot produce documents confirming their income and official employment. That is why they turn to payday loans. In addition, younger people do not like to negotiate with a bank for a small amount of money. Who would apply for credit if they only needed a couple of hundred dollars? 

The ‘fact’ that only lower-class families and desperate people apply for instant payday loans is a myth. Nowadays, anyone applies for it if a small amount of money for a short period of time is needed.

Instant Payday Loans Are a Hole That You Can’t Get out Of

One of the most common myths about instant payday loans is that they have a high-interest rate. The average interest rate in microfinance organizations is less than 1% per day. The total interest rate depends on the period of time, the amount borrowed, and the minimum APR (annual percentage rate) in your state.

Instant payday loan organizations do not have random interest rates. That would be illegal. Financially aware people can immediately begin to work out how much interest this will come out to in a year.

To dispel this myth, it is important to know what real payday loan organizations are. These organizations issue short-term loans – not for 365 days, but for a maximum of 1-2 months. The shorter the time period, the less you will have to pay in total. If you consider only the interest on the loan, it is comparable to a gift to a friend/relative, who you decided to thank for their support.

The second lie is about hidden terms and conditions. People who read forums and participates in groups on social networks often find references to hidden fees, interest, payments, and so on. 

The largest companies protect their reputation, so they make the procedure for issuing loans to be as clear as possible. For example, on the homepage of many payday loans companies, you can calculate your fees all in one go:

  • the principal amount of the loan
  • the accrued interest rates
  • the day on which you have to repay the debt
  • the total amount that you will have to repay, including the interest rate and fees

Having a credit calculator makes it possible to check that there are no hidden payments or commissions, nor is there additional interest. There are no initial payments in microfinance organizations, unlike most banks.

If the instant payday loan market constantly lied asking for a much larger amount than it originally asked for, the government would have closed it.

Verification of the Application Is a Formality and  No One Checks an Application

Banking institutions do study the borrower in detail, including their credit history. On average, it takes from 2-3 days to check, although it can take up to a week. Online instant payday loan applications are checked within 30 minutes. This gives borrowers the opportunity to quickly solve their financial problems.

Some people believe that this high speed is because verification is just a formality. They say that companies automatically approve applications from all borrowers but say they take a certain amount of time to make them look honest.

This is not true. Our service focuses on a small number of major points when checking an application. In some cases, they may refuse to issue a loan:

  • If the person does not meet the age restrictions. According to US law, borrowing is permitted exclusively from the age of 21.
  • There were typos in the application. You need to carefully fill out a loan application online. If the system detects an error or typo, the request is automatically rejected.
  • The borrower lied. Some borrowers try to increase the chances of getting a loan by providing details that do not match reality. We will notice and refuse your application if you try this.

There are no payments done for previous instant payday loans.

Threats of Physical Violence for Money

Some say that companies hire debt collectors who use various illegal methods to force debtors to return borrowed funds. Such terrible myths about instant payday loans have been heard by everyone interested in applying for an instant payday loan.

Any law-abiding company values its reputation, so we always meet the borrower’s needs. If a person does not return the money within the specified time frame, employees try to find out the reason, offering prolongation, refinancing, debt consolidation programs, or postponement. We are never rude and do not threaten our clients.

In addition, usually, instant payday loans are unsecured loans, meaning the company cannot legally take your house, car, or TV if you did not pay.

Rumors of physical threats, deception, illegal acts, and other such fictions have been around since the last century. No one is going to call for the mafia if you are late in paying back two hundred dollars. Microfinance organizations value their reputation, and their activities are regulated by the US government.

You will only be able to fully work out what is false and what is true in regards to instant payday loans after a personal experience. Apply now online and get all the information you need. Even if there are any unforeseen problems, you can pay the interest already accrued, and we will extend the payment terms.

Contact our staff for a free consultation or apply by filling out the application. You can get information about lenders, interest fees, and terms for free.

Do you give instant payday loans to non-citizens?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give instant payday loans to non-citizens?

Yes, but they must be residents of the USA, and previous violations of debt and instant payment debts are not allowed.

How can I compare different loans and choose the most suitable one?

Consider offers based on the following criteria: the amount, date when you have to repay the loan, and interest rate.

If you are taking out a loan for the first time, check the conditions on your first loan and consider all the promotions and special offers available.

What should I do if I have difficulties paying back a loan?

If you have difficulties paying off your interest, contact your lender immediately to find the most appropriate solution.

Can I get a loan with a bad credit history?

Most lenders do not issue loans to people with a bad credit history, but our service does not ask for a credit score. We can find a lender who will provide an instant payday loan for you, even if you have a bad credit score.

How quickly will the decision to issue an instant payday loan be made?

The decision to issue a loan is made within a couple of working hours. It varies from application to application. If there were errors in the application, it can take more time.