Marketing Practices

When a user registers by providing PII and NPII data to us, he/she agrees to all of the provisions, including the Terms and Conditions of use and the Privacy Policy. The user gives us consent by submitting his / her personal information to collect, store, process and share it with third parties, including lenders and marketing agencies. Lenders use the financial data of the applicant to draw up an appropriate loan offer. Marketers and advertisers use personal information of the users to present them to the market to find better credit products. Users give their permission to marketers by signing an electronic consent for their promotion. These Marketing Practices are designed to provide our users with up-to-date information in a timely and free manner. Consumers must fully understand and acknowledge that their personal information will be shared with third parties for a variety of purposes, except for commercial purposes. After providing the user’s consent, marketers are allowed to provide the user with certain types of marketing services at the appropriate time, such as marketing email, telemarketing and phone calls. is not responsible for any errors and unacceptable actions of third parties, including marketers and creditors. Our support team is working around the clock, please contact us with questions using [email protected].