Privacy Policy

One of the most important parts of the agreement is the Privacy Policy. It is represented as the formal document of This document defines and details, which methods the company exploits for processing personal data of the users of this online resource. The ways of the collection, storage, transferring and exploitation of the user’s data are determined and protected by the organization. The company developed a special set of regulations with the purpose to defend our users’ details of private life.

This formal part of the document according to the Privacy Policy explains the aims and reasons of using and processing of the applicants’ information containing on the website. If a user has already become our official member after the passing registration, but suddenly he would decide to leave and remove his personal data from our database; he needs to request us directly by contacts that we have on website about his decision.

As we mentioned before, only adults (over 18-age) with official residence in the USA can apply for our membership in order to use this web service. Our organization fully goes under the law and follows all federal and state laws of the country. Therefore, every new user should understand that his registration and participation mean his full confirmation and agreement with all the formal documents of website’s regulation, including the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use.

In case, when the new-coming applicant or ordinary user rejects to confirm and accept even one of the provisions of the regulating documents, he has not continue to register and has to refuse to using the services and products of the website from that moment. If the user has any hesitation about further exploitation of the online service, he can contact us via email for detailed information or any help with understanding. We are always willingly open for discussion and explanation.

I. Personally and Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is necessary part of the registration process. This term includes private details of users, such as full name, address, email, and phone contacts, employment info, banking and financial details among others. Note: SS number and banking account details are used for certain puran appropriate lender, but are not opened for marketing workers and other third parties; there are only a few rare cases when the government or other federal departments request to get access to these details. When users come to the website, first they have to sign up by filling out the offered form with identified information. Submitting the website with your PII data is needed only when users are intended to use services and products of the web platform. If an applicant is not going to use the website for determined reasons, he has not to provide us with his private data. The document of Privacy Policy contains all information about methods of storage and collection of PII of the users.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (NPII) is user’s behavioral data, including Internet Protocol information, browser details, operating system and Internet provider details, geo-location, and so on. We can receive this information during your staying on the website, even if you do not use the services of the website at that moment. The website’s company collects and transfers to the third parties these non-personal details of users without getting any permission from them. If a user wants to reject these actions and hide his NPII data, he should contact the support service of the website directly.

i. The Use of Your PII

According to the clauses of this Privacy Policy, the owning organization is able to accumulate, keep, use and transfer identifiable data of the users. When an applicant openly submits all his personal information to our web platform by filling out the online form on the website, we can easily and quickly match him with a relevant loan provider. The PII of the applicants are highly protected and encrypted from the third-party organizations except our lenders, as they need to access to this information in order to make loan offers for the applicants. Additionally, all private data of our applicants are defended from any fraud or harmful activity on the Internet. Also, marketers have access to PII data of our users, but they are able to exploit it only with purpose to search for others lenders’ credit offers. No any third-side company is authorized to use the PII for commercial or business purposes. The personal information is collected and stored only with the total permission of the users.

There is a few are cases when the PII can be transferred to third parties for technical support, excepting SS number and other financial details. These organizations are only allowed to store data securely, and they are strictly prohibited from using the data for personal purposes. The Federal and state laws together with the terms of the Privacy Policy and other regulative documents are limited acceptable activities related the PII of the applicants. What is more, credit agencies can apply for access to the PII of customers, but only with their prior permission.

Official access to the personal data of our applicants is performed for governmental agencies or authorized organizations. The PII can be disclosed at their request without the personal permission of each applicant if the procedure is carried out by legal means and occurs for the following reasons:

  • when a legal procedure requires the access;
  • when the access is mandatory for the protection of the company propety;
  • when it is not contrary to state laws and necessary for some company actions.
  • when national security of the users are at risk due to the commited crime;
  • when it is obligatory for providing the public safety.

There is another possible way that can disclose the personal identifiable information of the users of this website. If the company needs or decides to sell, merge or consolidate ownership of the company, PII data of its users with other assets will also be transferred to new partners or new owner. In case, if the company is needed to be liquidated for any reason, the authorized representative of the organization will be responsible for sale, transferring or disposal of the PII of the users according to court’s clause. In any case, the site will publish news about the upcoming changes and notify all users whose personal data may be transferred to third parties in connection with forced changes.

ii. Third Party Marketing

As we mentioned before, the PII of any user, except financial and banking details, can be transferred to the third-party organizations for promoting and marketing purposes only with the consent of the user. In this case, marketers and advertisers can use personal information to represent the user in the creditors’ market in the best light. Also, marketing workers can show you other lending products and opportunities that you may not find by yourself. In order to make your personal data available to marketers, you need to express your interest by selecting a certain option during the registration process, you need to confirm consent to share your personal data with third parties. In case you want to cancel this option of marketing services, you need to follow an unsubscribe instruction that you can find in the respective message. During the unsubscribing process, you cannot only close access to PII data but also erase this data from the marketers’ database. There are several marketing activities that can involve users, such as direct mails, messages, notifications about marketing offers, marketing calls, telemarketing, and banner advertisement among others. Advertisers can also send you a direct request to join an advertising activity or redirect you to the search process. This marketing option can be very useful, as it can expand the range of offers of different lenders in accordance with the personal requirements of each applicant.

Marketers and other third-party organizations involved in marketing and advertising activities act in accordance with the provisions of official documents and regulations, including the Privacy Policy of the company. All their actions are subject to state legislation. Our company does not bear any responsibility and obligations in case of incorrect use of your personal data by third-party marketing partners, so you always have the opportunity to eliminate your personal data from any third-side databases by direct request to them.

If the user registers and begins to use the web platform to negotiate with the relevant lender or for other purposes, he must accept all the terms and conditions of the official documents of the website organization. The use of the site services requires the user’s consent to the processing of personal data of each new registered person, including the collection, storage, processing, using and sharing data with third parties in accordance with the provisions of the formal documents of the organization and acceptable state laws.

If you wish to prevent further communication with our company and stop receiving any information and notifications from us, you must close the site and all relevant web pages and no longer return here. If you are already a registered user, you must send us a respective request to remove your PII from our database. Use the e-mail [email protected] or other contact information that you can find on the website. Do not forget to send the same request about the deletion of your personal data to third parties, including lenders and marketers, if you have already dealt with them before. We will erase your personal data as soon as we receive your request, after that we are not allowed to share any of your information with third parties because we no longer have this information. Keep in mind, that we are not liable for the actions of third parties in relation to the use of your personal data; you need to contact them directly in any situation.

iii. Credit Implication of the Use of PII

Every applicant who applies for short-term loans must provide personal information to our web platform. We need to check your credit history, status and general creditworthiness of the applicant. Creditors make decisions based on verified information of applicants. When credit institutions are not sure about your credibility, they send a request for verification to the credit bureaus for determining the certain financial status of the applicant. Such credit agencies are able to identify and assess the solvency of the candidate. After that, lenders decide whether to provide the applicant with credit products using the conclusions and advices of credit agencies. This credit check can reduce the credit score of the applicant. During registering on the site, the applicants must express their full agreement with all the terms and conditions of the official documents of the site regarding the use of their PII to obtain a credit report on their financial state.

iv. Email and Telemarketing

When the user has passed the registration process, he becomes our official member. If you provide us with your personal financial and non-financial information during the registration, you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use of our web platform and the Privacy Policy provisions. After that, the company is permitted to process, collect, store and share your personal information with our partners and third parties, including lenders, marketers and advertisers. They may also use your personal information for specific advertising purposes, such as email and telemarketing among others. Direct and indirect marketing communication can be presented by telemarketing calls, assistance calls and offering credit products through the phone calls. When the user enters his / her phone number and other personal data and contacts into the online registration form, the request begins processing with respect to the terms of Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (ATSR). This regulation allows the company to call the user about certain offers, even if his / her phone number is in the FTC Do-Not-Call list, as he / she has given us his / her permission to do it at the time of registration. Marketers and other third parties also are authorized to contact the user despite ATSR restrictions.

If the user has given us his/her permission to provide marketing services to him / her, it means that he / she is of legal age and he / she is fully aware of the responsibility and possible charges that may arise in connection with telemarketing activities. This type of activity is not related to the Privacy Policy and its provisions. However, these telemarketing campaigns are controlled and conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the official documentation of third-party marketing organizations.

v. The Means to Collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information

According to the meaning of the NPII, you can easily understand what exactly will be collected. Your non-personally identifiable data is gathered automatically without asking for your consent. There are some digital tools that help to collect the NPII of each user; tools include well-known cookies, pixel tags, server logs, browser instruments among others. All these web tools are designed to gather information with your activities , and they determine your IP adress, location, web-page history, Internet behavior, your browser and operating system selection, etc. These data are compiled and sent to the storage for further processing.


Cookies are small web files that gather information during the user’s online activity; they read and compile information about your browser behavior, the experience of Internet activity and others. The second step is to transfer the collected information to the parties that requested it. These files are actually aimed at analysing and recognizing user’s Internet habits and experiences. Cookies are subject to the specific legal terms of use; they also serve to protect users from fraudulent and suspicious activity in the Internet.

There are two types of cookie files, such as session and permanent cookies. The first type is exploited once; they are set for only one operation and then removed after use. Permanent ones serve much longer, since they can be used for a while; they remain after the user logs out of the browser. Everyone can change the cookie settings in their browser options. Learn more about cookie-files by following the link: and

Pixel tags and web beacons

Other web-based tools for analyzing user behaviour are small images located throughout the Internet pages that track user activity. The tools are designed to regulate and modify marketing campaigns. Find out more about this by clicking on the link:

Information about the IP address of the user, from of browser, type of operating system, the service provider, the history of clicks, the webpage history, referring requests, etc. are gathered by the log files and aimed at updating the user Internet experience and adjusting online activities.

II. Privacy Management

As we own your personal information, we set some rules that explain how to use and protect user data from the third-parties. The company exploits some management practices to reduce the exchange of user information with others and allow removing all personal and non-personal details from the database at the request of the user.

Trace files and web cookies are usually installed regardless of user preferences. There are some opportunities to hide non-personal information by changing the browser settings. User can manage his/her cookie options manually by selecting a more appropriate tracing set. If you want to stop our website to gather your NPII data, you need to close the webpage.

Information privacy management and data protection is carried out on the basis of the terms of the Privacy Policy and the relative provisions of regulative documentation of the site, regardless of the operation of Do-Not-Track protocol. In case, when users want to stop transferring their data to third-side organizations, they should follow the online instructions on the web page:

Users can also opt out of monitoring their online activities by marketing partners. Users need to unsubscribe from marketers’ emails and advertisements by sending them a direct request.

III. PII Security

The owning company completely protects all PII data of the users. Our security measures include digital, control and other defending methods developed by professionals specializing in the Internet and software security. Our privacy practices and campaigns are based on the protecting regulations. We strive to keep our users’ private information out of any questionable, fraudulent, malicious, or compromising activity. Also, our organization is able to reliably defend PII information from any kind of leakage in the Internet.

There are certain limits to the amount of user information we may share with third-party partners. Access restrictions are set in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy and with respect to your signed consent, which the user gives us when registering. There are specific provisions and legal regulations governing the level of access of third parties to information about user personal data. Third-party organizations and our company must provide users’ data with a high level of security. The transferring this information to independent and unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited.

However, all users should be aware of the possibility that their privacy may be compromised, modified, stolen or violated by hackers. In any case, there is no organization that can unreservedly promise absolute security. Our guarantee of the protection of users’ privacy based on our actions in relation to monitoring and controlling any external action of third-party practices, but something shady may be out of our sight. There are so many illegal activities all over the Internet that no one can be sure that his/her data will be securely protected even having special programs and security settings. If you wish to keep your personal data 100% secure, you must immediately delete it from any third-party web pages by direct request. The company does its best to establish contacts only with verified members who have high-tech security programs and work in relation to legal documentation on the provision of security policies. We try to reduce any risks and negative consequences of using personal information of our users on the Internet.

IV. Information Collection from Children

Minor users (under 18 years of age) are not allowed to use the services of the website; they cannot access the matching service by registration. Site settings include certain age filters that stop the registration of a person under the age of majority. If a child has managed to fill out a form with his/her personal information, this data will be detected and deleted from our website as soon as possible. Our company has the right to gather process and share personal data of users over the age of 18, as we operate in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Children’s Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

V. E-consent

All adult users can become borrowers by registering on the site. You must use an electronic signature to complete the registration form, as you must formally agree to all the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website. Electronic consent allows us to collect your personal data, transfer it to third parties, send you documents and match you with the relevant creditors. All of these actions are performed due to Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and national Commerce Act, and the operation is based on regulations of state applicable laws. The site is an electronic business that uses only electronic and digital tools for any kind of communication and interaction with other organizations. If you choose to join us by registering here, you must accept these terms and provide us with your e-consent.

In addition, there is possible situation where our company, third-party organizations and third-party marketing agencies decide to stop any electronic communication. In this case, the parties shall send to the users a notice of ceasing further cooperation by email. From this point on, the organization shall terminate the agreement and delete all personal information of users and all their electronic tools, including electronic signature, electronic consent, electronic documents and records. All previous electronic connections will be closed and the information will no longer be distributed. These procedures are subject to strict implementation in accordance with state and authorized documents and regulations, in the event of the described situation.

VI. Links to Third Party Websites

Users can find several links to the website on our web platform. These links lead to third-party websites, including lenders, marketers, and advertisers. Our company is not responsible for the security of these sites. We are out of any liability for the consequences resulting from clicked links and the implementation of any activities on third party sites. Our Privacy Policy and other governing documents do not have anything to do with these organizations and have no impact on them. Each user is personally responsible and assumes all risks by clicking on the link. All organizations have their own private policies and other statutory provisions. In addition, we recommend you to check the documentation of a third-party lender or marketing agency before entering into an agreement and disclosing your personal information to them.

VII. Notifications for the Residents of Different States

Our company does business with residents of all states of America. Our users from any state can join us as we are on the Internet. However, users are forced to exploit the web platform limited by local laws, conditions and regulations that differ from state to state. Under U.S. law, there are Federal and state laws that may have different provisions regarding commercial and business activities and contracts. For example, in some states, personal information collected from users is subject to a full report on the stages of collection, storage and distribution and the dates of those stages. In addition, other states may require more detailed information in relation to the obligations of state. If you are unsure of your terms of state policy, you can contact us directly. We will provide you with complete information based on your local laws.

VIII. Modifications and Changes

The owning company has individual right to update and change information contained on the website at any time. The site must not notify users or third parties in advance before deciding on future changes and updates to the content of the website. In addition, the same situation occurs with respect to the privacy Policy and other documents governing the company actions. The website is able change the terms and the conditions of the rules relating to the services and operation of the website. In both cases, the site administrator must publish information with updates to notify users and creditors. In any case, users should keep track of the latest posted information on their own, they should check from time to time for the latest changes to be aware of.

IX. Inquiries and Complaints

Users of our website reserve the right to change and update their personal information at any time. Registered users are able to make any changes to their personal data collected by the website. The user must send a direct request to the site support service by e-mail [email protected]! There are other ways to contact us; you can find them on the website. The inquiry has to contain certain information about the changes and modifications that you want to make. Repeat the same steps if you want to complain about the failure of the site or any related information. However, we do not accept complaints of non-understanding or improper actions on the part of third parties. We are not allowed interfering with your internal interaction with third-party organizations.